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Press & Partnerships

We are constantly on the look out for people with a soul, and a weak spot for aesthetics.  

Finding exclusive retailers with passionate driven entrepreneurs behind the business

to sell our carefully crafted collections is a part of our strategy to grow.

We are also willing to engage in creative collabs with other complementary brands.

Do you want to help us write the story of Maison Nanou?

Let’s meet up and get to know one another.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer.


If you are interested in expanding our image and spreading brand awareness (as an agent, distributor, importer,..), please reach us at: and provide us with a presentation of your company including:



  • information on the local market, based on your knowledge and experience

  • possible or ideal distribution channels on your local market

  • your perceived positioning of Maison Nanou on your local market (price and style levels)

  • past sales history for similar collections  (number of customers, average order)

  • other brands that you represented and the form of partnership

  • any other information you would like us to know

We’re also available on Live Chat, during regular business hours on Central European Time.

Thanks for submitting!

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