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Designed and made with love in Belgium.
Illustrated in Barcelona.
Slow fashion.


Meet Sophie,

The founder of Maison Nanou.

She has always been a dreamer, who loves to travel, likes her freedom, likes to laugh, is communicative, sensitive, helpful, creative and has a passion for textile. 

After a master degree as an Interior architect, living in Barcelona for 2 years and an internship in Paris,

she came back to her life in Belgium but soon enough she started to miss her creativity.

During the Covid pandemic she started drawing and thinking of making bathrobes, toiletry bags and plaids.

With the help and support of close friends and family, she started her creative project.

Sophie still loves Barcelona and visits regularly.

The illustrations that you see on the textiles are drawn in Barcelona.


The textiles are printed in Europe, while the quilting and weaving are done in Belgium.

The products are made in Belgium by a sheltered workshop, ensuring they are crafted with care and support for the community.

It is a small-scale project centered on slow fashion.


Nanou is the nick name for her mother and to Sophie, the little word means coming home. 

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